SciPy 2022#

Xarray: Friendly, Interactive, and Scalable Scientific Data Analysis#

Organized by:

  • Scott Henderson (Univ. Washington)

  • Deepak Cherian (National Center for Atmospheric Research)

  • Jessica Scheick (Univ. New Hampshire)

  • Emma Marshall (Univ. Utah)

  • Anderson Banihirwe (CarbonPlan)

  • Tom Nicholas (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)

This four hour workshop covers fundamental Xarray concepts with increasingly complex real-world data analysis tasks.

Video Recoding: Will be available after the event

Launch cloud-hosted Jupyter Lab environment: Binder


Below are links to sections of this website we’ll cover:

Introduction to Xarray
Working with Labeled Data
Plotting and Visualization
Xarray Ecosystem